Spare the Ones that Weep

Time to wake up my love.
Remember that word?
Foreign to your eardrum,
That noun, sometimes verb.

Now I’ve got you right here by my side
Dodging all of the flak.
Now I’ve got my AK-65
With her hair of jet black.

Spare the ones that weep
Before we sleep.

Lost inside the silver screen my baby noir.
I can help change the scene, let’s get in my car
Away from the technocrats and the dull collective.
Escaping vampire bats, that’s our objective.

We’ll confuse the machine, creating chaos.
Wiping everything clean, freedom’s the payoff.
Your trench coated Tarzan—
“Bang! Pop! I’ve got ‘em.”
Melts like hot marzipan,
This faulty system.
We’ll be outland by day.
There you’re safe with me.
This will be our getaway,
Our little galaxy.