Beautiful Deformities

A beautiful deformity
The oddities carved in relief Confusing the whole monastery Let the mind go, EVIL will grow

Unusual monstrosity Threatens all that we believe Abusive curiosities
Can we let go of the tableaus With beautiful deformities?

Filthy apes and lions distract don’t enlighten Angry soldiers fighting, cloisters shouldn’t frighten Horses with goat heads and fish with four legs?!

Freaks may fascinate but hinder meditating
Now you may be hating, in the end you’ll thank me Hunters blow cornets and serpents lay eggs!? Before your own death I hope you that you will pray

Theophilus said that the spirit most divine
Takes delight in a heart that shines
Embellish this house and do not hide
Your talents that are a sacred prize from the light above

Beautiful Deformities

Lyrics & Music Stoermer