Avarice/What’s Coming

It will never be enough, calling out your bluff
As you stain the floor with overflowing cup
You can put away your stash, protect it from the crash
Yet as the willows weep, your teeth will gnash

Avarice, its darkness makes you blind
Avarice puts you in chains that bind
Avarice, the weights around your neck
Avarice, your ship will soon be wrecked

You’ve got a contract to sign, say my best interest is in mind
Well you can take that where the sun don’t shine
Anything to make a buck, more than your share of luck
Yet for a single dime wallow in the muck

When the empire falls we’ll watch it all come down
While the fortune wheel goes around and round
For acquisitive minds there is no repose
Outstretching hands shall forever be closed

I don’t care what your problem is
I don’t care about your golden years
Just want see you get what’s coming
I don’t care if you had it rough
Don’t care if you had enough
Just want to see you get what’s coming